Yoga in Auckland

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Kaitlyn McConnellAfter arriving in Auckland on Sunday night and wandering around like a lost little puppy for our first day or so I finally managed to find a Mysore class at the Yoga Academy, right in the heart of downtown.  I arrived about an hour early and met with the instructor, Martina.  We sat in the park and talked yoga and Ashtanga in New Zealand.  Ashtanga is nearly everywhere here and I have a full page of instructor names and places to practice with while I am here.  

When we arrived at the studio I laid out my mat and felt a calming wave wash over me, it has been nearly a month since I have practiced in a studio and it felt great to be surrounded by Ashtangis and to receive all the delicious hands on adjustments that Martina and her assistant had to give.  Some of the adjustments were what I expected but most of them were completely new to me and after practice I felt I had learned new tools to go off and practice on my own until I get into a studio again.

This class was my first Mysore class outside of Los Angeles so I had no idea what to expect as far as what the teacher or other students would be like or what it would feel like to be in a different room but once I began I realized that I belonged there, I was part of the community even though I was just passing through.  That is one of the things I really love about the Ashtanga practice, wherever you are in the world you have your practice, you know where you are headed and you can just go with it.  It is such a great complement and contrast to our lives right now, we don’t know where we are headed or where we will end up, we are just following what the universe throws at us.

Yesterday we bought a van and tomorrow we are leaving the city of Auckland and driving North to stay with some friends of friends who live out in the country.  I will be practicing on my own again but I feel a renewed sense of excitement about it after all the tips and kind words from the Yoga Academy.

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