Yoga: A Prenatal Practice with Diane Hudock

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Ahmanda Yoga Flow founder Diane Hudock on how she prepared for her first pregnancy with Yoga.

February 21, 2010
I’m about to have a baby! I am! In about a week! I just had my first contractions last night, and they lasted about an hour! I really thought that I was in active labor but, I guess I wasn’t because I’m here and I feel great!

News from a Vedic Astrologer
If it was a girl I really wanted to name her Avalon and I was convinced I was having a girl. And, I had my Vedic astrology done at a yoga retreat I was teaching. And he said, the the first thing he said in the first five minutes of our reading was “Oh you have to prepare yourself for pregnancy, you’re going to be having a boy.” And I thought.. WHAT? First of all, I know I want to have a child, but I don’t want to have it now. And I definitely see myself having a girl, it was just always a feeling I had. But he said, “No, no, it’s right here.” If anybody wants that name, I’ll be happy to divulge.

And his name will be…
I came up with his name from one of my yoga students. She thought that if it was a girl, which I thought I was going to have a girl, I was going name her Avalon. But, she couldn’t remember so she said, “Oh, what are you going to do? You’re naming him Avery right?” I said, “No, but I like it”! One of the meanings of Avery is ‘mischievous child’. The other meaning of Avery is ‘child with magical abilities’..or ‘ruler of the elf kingdom’. Which I thought was really cool. Or he’s going to be really short. One of the two.

Dealing with Fear
My body’s been great, but I’ve been doing a lot of meditation more than the yoga practice itself. As I progressed into my third trimester, I felt the need to do more meditation than physical practice. And I’ve been doing a lot of the Kriya which has really kept my mind steady and kept me more out of anxiety and the fear of uncertainty of what’s to come.. especially because it’s my first time having a child. There are moments where I have that come up and I just get on the mat and I meditate and it really helps dissolve any of that tension in my mind that can really affect, I think, the body.

Each Trimester..
The first trimester really was about me doing a very nurturing, more feminine, more yin practice. Yet, still keeping the flow, still get, being able to get my heart rate up. The second trimester was probably the easiest where I was able to practice and do more, and yet I wasn’t big enough where it was becoming such a problem and I had to compromise a lot of my postures. Although I certainly avoided deep twists, and I did avoid, once I got into twenty weeks, being on my belly. The third trimester was really a lot of meditation and it continues to be so just to prepare myself in the days to come.. of labor and of motherhood.


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