When Conditions Get Harsh

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Kaitlyn McConnellWe are currently making our way down the west coast of the south island, the scenery and weather are both harsh and unforgiving. Through the flooding and road closures it has been hard to practice every day but I am doing what I can and working on just letting it go when I can’t find the space or the time.

It sounds like such a romantic idea to travel the world and practice wherever I am, inside or outside, rain or shine but to be perfectly honest sometimes it just feels hard and exhausting. One day we had so much rain that there were mudslides, lengthening our drive by about three hours time. When we arrived at our campsite it was mostly flooded so were put on the high ground, all the camper vans parked really close together due to lack of space. And then there are the bugs. The north island had the occasional mosquito but nothing worse than that. Such is not the case for the south island. Sand flies are everywhere, especially on the west coast and when they bite it hurts!

For these challenging times my practice has been to just let it be what it is. I keep the intention of a daily practice and know that there will be days where practice is not possible. This may not be an ideal time for a daily practice but it is an adventure I don’t want to miss. I can use this opportunity to make my life my practice, how can I be fully alive and awake in each moment?

All that being said, I have been working on at least getting a short practice in wherever I can and it is most every day. Because it is such a challenge to get to my practice when I have it I treasure every moment. My practice brings me back to myself, honest and open, good or bad, it is a safe place that I can simply be. I do not mean for this post to post to sound like I am whining or complaining, I am having a great time and truly love this challenge and adventure. However I also want to be honest with you all- and in order for that to happen I feel like I need to share the good times along with the not so good.

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