Traveling Yogi: Kaitlyn McConnell

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Kaitlyn McConnellOver the course of the next year I will be practicing yoga and teaching throughout the Pacific Northwest, Fiji, New Zealand and beyond. As the journey begins and I step away from what I have become accustomed to my practice is the only part of my life that will remain constant. I’ve been on the road for about a week now, away from my usual yoga studio and the people and teachers I am used to seeing in a daily basis. After living, practicing and teaching for five years in Los Angeles it is time to move on. I don’t know where my travels will take me- new studios, new teachers, a new practice with a mat rolled out wherever I can find the space. As I move along on this adventure I will be keeping up this blog, sharing stories, photos and new and exciting things in the world of yoga outside of Los Angeles.

This first week in Seattle has been a great experiment. With all the family events planned and moving everything we own from Los Angeles to Seattle has taken up most of my days and it has been quite the challenge to find five minutes to practice, let alone the 90 minutes I was craving. I never have thought of myself as a morning person but I found myself waking up early enough to get a practice in before the rest of the house began to stir. I’ve set up a little practice space in my parent’s basement, looking out the doors with a view of Lake Washington and the beautiful colors of fall that are everywhere here. Practicing alone (other than my cat who enjoys taking a nap on my mat while I am trying to practice on it) has been delightful. While I love practicing with my teacher and being surrounded by other students the silence of just me, my breath and my mat was soothing and lovely. I felt like I had time to explore each pose in a different way, my body felt different after 3 days sitting in a car and I had the opportunity to really work with whatever feelings and sensations came up. Tomorrow I am headed back to Los Angeles to tie up a few loose ends and get in a few studio practices before hitting the road again.

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