The Solitude of the South Island

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Kaitlyn McConnellAfter nearly a week on the south island of New Zealand I am getting used to practicing on my own again.  In fact, I am loving it, funny how a few days of adjustment to a new environment can change everything, how quickly we adapt!

The south island of New Zealand must be one of the few places left in the world where you can literally drive for miles and not see another person.  There are no big cities and the towns are all a few blocks of shops at the most.  As a result, finding a quiet outdoor place to practice is a whole lot easier than it was when we were on the road up north.  There are still the popular tourist destinations but once you get off the beaten path you can be as alone as you’d like to be. 

I’ve had some very nice practice time on the beach without another soul in sight.  With this solitude comes a new sense of playfulness and freedom.  Practicing in the sand brings a whole host of challenges, balance is tricky and after a few pick up and jump backs your feet make a hole in the sand and jumping forward feels impossible.  These new challenges keep my mind focused not only on the poses but the transitions between them (which are just as important) and knowing that things won’t always go according to plan brings a sense of humor and lightness to the full practice.  As we travel, without plans and with no where in particular to be, I am trying to bring the playfulness with me, it makes things so much more enjoyable!

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