The Green Yogi

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The Green Yogi
Eco-Chic Power Yoga
3504 Highland Ave.
Manhattan Beach, California 90222

The Green Yogi is an eco-chic power yoga studio located in the heart of North Manhattan Beach. We offer a full schedule of high-energy, music-filled power yoga classes taught by some of the top instructors in the South Bay.

Our studio is a sanctuary where people can practice yoga in a fun, creative, healing, and stress-free environment inspired by nature.We offer a small eco-friendly retail selection, as well as nourishing teas and pure water for our guests to enjoy before and after class.

We welcome you to energize your life and soak up the good energy of The Green Yogi. After you move, breathe, and salute the sun in our beautiful light-filled studio, we invite you to relax in our outdoor oasis, drink delicious tea, and just say Ahhh…

How We Are Eco-Conscious

The common idea is that anything sustainable or eco-conscious has to be sparse or spiritless. At The Green Yogi, we’ve created a space that is not only eco and sustainable, but also chic and inviting.

Our Eco-Choices:
FSC certified lumber (they plant a tree for every tree cut down)
Formaldahide-free MDF (pressed saw-dust)
Artificial grass (saves water + made of natural nylon fibers)
Energy saving lights (Eco Smart dimmable lights)
Low VOC paints from Benjamine Moore
Natural Poly fill pillows (not feather)
100% recycled cups
Spectrum Water Filtration system so students can refill water bottles and reduce plastic
Sell and Use only eco-friendly yoga mats with no PVC
All printing done on recycled card stock
Recycled Polyester curtains
Reclaimed furnishings
Treecycle- 100% recycled paper towels
Panasonic Environmental Phone: Stand-by Power consumption reduced by 63%
All studio waste is 100% recyclable

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