Ashtanga Yoga Second Series with MARIA VILLELLA

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Approximate running time: 100 minutes
Format: iTunes compatible .m4v file for iPad, iPhone.
Resolution: HD 1280 pixels X 720 pixels
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Maria Villella demonstrates the complete Second Series of Ashtanga Yoga in this 100 minute video. This demanding sequence, also known as the “Intermediate Series”, includes deep backbends, twists, foot-behind-the-head postures and variations on headstand.

Students of the Ashtanga Yoga method learn the Second Series after proficiency in the Primary Series. As you watch, and listen, to the video you will hear the vinyasas for each posture counted, the names of the postures as well as the opening and closing prayers.

Maria Villella was filmed as she performed her personal practice in a Yoga studio in Los Angeles, California. Maria has been practicing Ashtanga Yoga since 2001 and teaching since 2003. The Ashtanga Yoga Second Series that Maria is seen performing in this video represents the practice as she learned it from her teacher.

This is not an instructional video. To learn Ashtanga Yoga, we suggest you study with an experienced Ashtanga Yoga teacher that can teach you the method properly and safely.

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