Shanti Yoga Shala

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Shanti Yoga Shala offers classes in the Vinyasa Krama yoga method, as well as traditional Ashtanga. 

We offer all levels of classes from yoga basics to advanced. We also offer restorative yoga classes.
Students are encouraged to practice at their own pace with the understanding that the practice is always changing. 

We believe in adapting the asana to the individual rather than the individual to the asana.  

Our studio is open seven days a week; celebrating Yoga Sangha in New Orleans at every moment.

Every Sunday we have a special yoga community class at 4pm and every other Wednesdays at 8pm we gather for a free Yoga Sadhana with meditation and Sutras study group. 
Yoga gives us the possibility of realizing our full potential and finding true health and happiness.

Shanti Yoga Shala
4905 Freret St,New Orleans, LA, 70115

Shanti Yoga Shala, 3.0 out of 5 based on 3 ratings
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  1. Christine says:

    If you do one good thing for yourself today, make it a yoga practice which is good for your mind, body, and soul. Not sure where to go? Try the newly opened Shanti Yoga Shala.

    Beloved New Orleans teacher, Nathalie Croix, recently left another yoga studio to start her own! Nathalie has practiced in California and has travelled to India to study under Sri K. Pattabhi Jois. Most recently Nathalie was the director and primary teacher at New Orleans’ Life Yoga Studio.

    Shanti Yoga Shala is currently housed on Freret Street above Cure (the bar) in a lovely room with great light from big gorgeous windows. Nathalie is keeping her usual schedule and has also brought on one other teacher to offer different types of classes. With classes offered at times like noon and 5:30/6pm (lunch and after work) yoga can be accessible to people working during the day. Nathalie also offers various types of classes from vinyasa flow, led ashtanga, and restorative classes. Classes are also the most affordable in the city at $10/single class, $6/student single class, $40/5 classes, and $80/10 classes. Private lessons are available, email

    The current schedule is:
    12:00 to 1:15pm Lunch Flow with Nathalie (all levels)
    6:15 to 7:30pm Vinyasa Flow with Nathalie (level 2/3)
    6:30-7:45pm Led Ashtanga with Nathalie (all levels, beginners welcome).
    8:00-9:00pm Yoga Sadhana with Nathalie -
    Every other Wednesday there will be meditation and yoga sutras studies and open discussion- 11/10, 11/24, and 12/8.
    6:30-7:45pm Vinyasa Flow with Nathalie (level 2/3)
    11:00-12:15pm Vinyasa Flow with Nathalie/Daria (all levels)
    4:00–5:15pm $5 community class with Nathalie (all levels)
    5:30-6:30pm Restoratives Yoga-Relax Deeply with Daria (all levels)

  2. Hi Nathalie Sensei : )
    I found you on FB.
    Would you consider hosting me in the future?
    I am an Ashtangi Buddhist Mixed Martial Artist Body Worker Lover of Ethnic-Urban Dance who created a system, based on counter spiral forces and wave motion dynamics, which I connected to through millions of hours of play in the water and on land.
    Please consider me as I tour through the States and Europe often, coming from Japan (originally San Francisco, New York and Later Shanghai). My teacher’s are and have been: Sri K. P. Jois, Sharath Rangaswami, Tim Miller, Richard Freeman, David Swenson, David Life, Sharon Gannon, Chuck Miller, Mati Ezrati, Danny Paradise, David Williams, Rodney Yee, Sean Corn, Shiva Rea, and so on. Mostly my Buddhist Korean Zen Martial Arts Master enfluenced my work, however, who I gave my 20′s to daily on the mat and in the ring.

    What is your background and inspiration Nathalie Sensei? I know you studied with Guruji and are French no?..


    :D ) Sensei

  3. Pepper Bowen says:

    I bought classes through an incredible local deal thinking I would hate myself if I let it pass. I could support local small business owners, build my social network, and keep in shape through the cold months in one fell swoop. Everybody would win.

    Unfortunately my first visit was less than a stellar experience. And when I called to express my discontent, I was met with a litany of “explanations”. They ranged from why I couldn’t be let in after the class had started despite it being 50 degrees and rainy outside; I needed to come back in an hour. They continued with how they don’t have a budget for a front desk person; the instructors just teach the classes – see the schedule on the door and their website. They continued with how I should be grateful that she, Nathalie, stopped and greeted me only to close the door in my face despite acknowledging that I appeared confused because they get a lot of people just knocking on the door after class has started. And they culminated with how if I could manage to get past this incident, there are 7 other instructors I could try because once the first visit is completed, the rest are easy.

    Funny how the reason I was 10 minutes late because I had to pick-up my kids as my husband was caught in awful traffic on a rotten weather afternoon didn’t matter. But I am not convinced it should. I should not have to provide an acceptable or excusable reason to attend a yoga class or at the very least, be let inside! What I do know is that because of this encounter, I won’t be attending any classes there… ever. Further, if anyone asks me, I will encourage them to attend elsewhere.

    Truly if this is the best New Orleans has to offer, then I feel sorry for the yoga community here.

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