Saying Goodbye for Now

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Kaitlyn McConnellI’ve been in Seattle about 2 weeks now, and slowly things are starting to fall into place.  I’ve been lucky enough to teach some classes and take some classes with great teachers and I am beginning to be able to imagine what our lives might be like here once we get settled in.  I’ve been listening to a great podcast by the “Against the Stream Buddhist Meditation Society” in Los Angeles.  One of the lectures was about making room for new opportunities to arise.  I found it very fitting as I was sorting through all the things that need to be sorted through when moving to a new place, it brought to my attention that by making room and letting go of some things that perhaps I don’t need I am making more room for those things that makes me truly happy.

Family and close friends, yoga, gardening and sense of community are all I really need to be happy right now.  I don’t need to do all the running around that I always thought I had to do before.  Things really can be simple, it just comes down to personal choice.  So everyday I have been asking myself- what makes me happy?  Not just happy in this moment but what feeds my soul and brings me toward being the person I really want to be?  As I continue to explore these ideas, both on my yoga mat and in my life I will always look back on these six months of travel as a time in my life that allowed me to ask these deep, important questions and I will look back fondly on having this article to write each week to help examine and refine my thoughts.  I hope to continue posting from time to time, as inspiration strikes, but now is a time to make room to explore new avenues.

Thank you to each one of you that has read my articles, sent feedback and questions, and supported me on this journey.  If you wish continue reading my writings I will be posting on my website, as well as providing links to other places my words may appear.

Saying Goodbye for Now, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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