Practicing in Fiji

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Kaitlyn McConnellSometimes it is what happens off the mat that makes you realize what yoga really is all about.  My husband and I are currently in Fiji for a week, snorkeling, scuba diving and exploring.  Practice has been with a view of the ocean, palm trees and a light tropical breeze that comes right into the front doorway of our burrow. It is peaceful and lovely.  We’ve even started practicing yoga together, something we rarely did in the states.

Getting here however, was a practice in just letting things be as they are and trusting we would land in the right place.  Once we landed in Fiji and cleared customs we discovered our baggage had not made it on the airplane in Los Angeles and we would be without our bags for a few days.  Not a huge problem since our clothes were mostly in our carryon luggage so we laughed it off and decided to make do with what we had.  We then took a roundabout ‘detour’ that got us to the island we were staying on, Taveuni, about 4 hours later than expected.  All the while we stayed calm and cool- we knew we would get to where we were going and somehow we would find our luggage or acquire new stuff.  Along the journey we met some great fellow travelers and made a couple fijian friends on the way and our final flight. If things had gone as planned we would have missed one of the most beautiful views I have ever seen, the pilot took us over the island of Taveuni and past the waterfalls of Bouma flowing out into the ocean.   It made me think that if we had only been thinking of what went wrong in our travels, we would have completely missed the unspeakable beauty that was right in front of us.  I find the same is true of my practice, if I cling to thoughts about a pose not being perfect or that I felt more flexible or stronger or more focused yesterday, I am missing so many of the great things that are there to find today, like finding that meditative state of breath connected to movement, or that I feel just a bit more comfortable in supta kurmasana than I used to.  I am trying to notice each moment here, in my practice and in my travels.  Each moment is an opportunity for adventure and I intend to make the most of each one I have here in this beautiful place.

Our time in Fiji, sadly, is short but perhaps we’ll be back.  This time next week we will be headed to Auckland, New Zealand.  

Practicing in Fiji, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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