Losing Track of Time

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Kaitlyn McConnellThere have been a few instances in the entire history of my practice when I have become completely enveloped by the practice itself- my body and breath moving in sync and my mind focused and aware.  In these few practices I have completely lost track of time, I could have been practicing for 5 minutes or 5 hours.

We just left the Golden Bay area of New Zealand, we had intended to stay for a day and ended up staying for a week, completely lost track of time in the best way possible.  Much like those few practices, time seemed irrelevant, we were wrapped up in the beauty of the world, hiking, taking long beach walks and afternoon swims in the turquoise waters.  As we left the area I felt a fog physically lifting, like coming out a deep savasana, the clouds parted and we drove on but would never again be the same.

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