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Kaitlyn McConnell

Kaitlyn McConnell

We’ve had a busy week, landed in Amsterdam, caught up with old friends and explored the city, flew to Copenhagen for 3 days, flew to Berlin- in all the traveling and mayhem I’ve been trying really hard to keep a full length, daily practice going and a few days ago I got to a point where I just wanted to take a break.

I was all ready to try and forgive myself for stepping away from my practice for a few days when I picked up a book I’ve been reading throughout this trip. “A Year To Live” is a book by Stephen Levine about living this year as if it were your last, he offers guides to meditation and new ways to live life to the fullest and becoming more aware. The chapter I happened to pick up was called “A Commitment to Life” and reading the title was the only reminder I needed that my yoga practice is a commitment I have made to myself, for myself, and the only person missing out if I take that break is myself. I also find it very interesting that the moment I begin to lose motivation and momentum the universe finds a way to put me back on track.

So, with that in my mind, at about 7pm in the evening here in Berlin, the first quiet moment I have had here today, I am rolling out my mat and starting my practice.

Little Reminders Everywhere, 2.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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  1. Kashif says:

    When you’re actually moving from place to place, on a train or in an airplane, it becomes much harder to make time and space for your practice. We’ve taken to scheduling our departures as late as we can so no matter what we can squeeze in a short practice in the morning at the very least … it’s just so necessary while you’re dealing with the stress of travel anyways.

  2. Jimena says:

    I wanted to put 5 stars instead of two but I didn’t know…
    How can I do to the 5 stars? These articles are really useful. I like them!
    Thank you very much!

    • admin says:

      @Jimena, Thanks for reading! To leave 5 stars, just hover on the star at the far right and when all 5 stars turn red… click:)

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