Landing in Seattle

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No place is ever exactly the same as you left it.  I often think of time as a river, it keeps flowing no matter how many times you look at it and you will never be seeing the same body of water twice.  I haven’t lived in Seattle in nearly ten years.  Many things are the same but time has moved on.  Friends have left, a few have come back, places I visited in my childhood are no longer around or have been changed in many ways.  The essence of Seattle is still the same though.  I get the same feeling of being home every time I look at the city skyline.  While moving is never fun, or easy, I have hope that somehow we did the right thing selling everything we owned, traveling for six months and landing here.

I am still practicing at home, alone, and I long to find a studio that is a good fit for me but this is a time to practice patience and take things slow.  I’ve been very much enjoying having a home to be in with ample space to practice and enough time to really explore my poses.  I’ve also dug out my old box of books on yoga and been delving deeper into the philosophies behind the practice.  Asana is such a teeny tiny part of the practice and it gets so much attention.  I think Georg Feuerstein said it well in ‘The Deeper Dimension of Yoga’- “…the postures are only the ‘skin’ of Yoga.  Hidden beneath them are the ‘flesh and blood’ …”.  Yoga is a tool for transformation, and as we transform the lives we knew in LA and on the road to a new life in Seattle, I need all the help I can get.

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