Lainie Devina

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Lainie DevinaDuring Lainie’s professional dance career, she was inspired by the body’s ultimate potential to communicate art through movement. When her career ended in injury, yoga did more than fill a missing void, it taught her to reboot the awareness of her body from the inside out. Practicing early on with Iyengar teachers Paul Cabanis and Kofi Busia and later exploring a Vinyasa Flow practice, Lainie has developed a teaching style that does not sacrifice the precision of the asanas while guiding her students to tune into the more intimate conversation between the poses and what’s really going on inside. “People come to my classes in all shapes, ages, strengths and flexibilities – I guide my students to work with where they are today, and honor that place, as opposed to where they think they should be,” she says.

Lainie completed the YogaWorks 500-hour Professional Teacher Training program, under the direction of Lisa Walford, John Gaydos and Nona Chiang – including a 6 month apprentiship with Birgitte Kristen. Lainie navigates her life as a wife and mother of three young children with yoga as her compass. It’s a compass she is inspired to share, guiding her students to find their own body intelligence on and off the mat.

Lainie Devina, 5.0 out of 5 based on 5 ratings
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  1. Liz Blanding says:

    I started practicing yoga about 6 months ago and was fortunate to begin with Lainie as my instructor. She is an amazing person and phenomenal teacher whose guidance has allowed me to build a solid foundation in yoga. Her step by step instruction and attention to proper technique have pushed me to deepen poses to where I can really feel the benefits. Lainie is an insightful and observant teacher who encourages modifications to suit each individual’s needs and abilities. Every class is a valuable experience physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I always leave feeling refreshed, peaceful, calm, centered and balanced. Lainie has helped me learn that Yoga is a way to show kindness and gratitude toward myself.

  2. michael weiss says:

    i have been practicing yoga on and off for the past 10 years. i have had many teachers and practiced all types of styles. my favorite teachers are the ones that move around the class, make adjustments and demonstrate. lainie did it all! while she did not adjust me personally, i saw her moving around, whispering to students, moving arms and legs and taking great care of people. she also would instruct us to watch her do a pose which for many of us was really helpful. and it was clear that she really enjoys what she does – her energy was positive and she was full of smiles. lainie made me feel comfortable and safe while pushing me to work harder and challenge me. that is what yoga is all about!

  3. Kevin Smith says:

    I took my first yoga class in 1985 and have been studying ever since. What I enjoy the most about Lainie’s teaching is that she is constantly helping me refine my asanas. She is aware of subtle body positioning and the way she languages things is clear, concise and easy to implement. She has a way of energizing the class and her students without turning the heat to 100 degrees or moving through a vinyasa in between every asana.

    Lainie is an amazing teacher and I consider myself quite blessed to be able to take her classes and continue growing in my own practice.

  4. Michelle Denker says:

    I began my practice of yoga about two and a half years ago. About a year and a half into my practice, I was fortunate enough to stumble upon Lainie’s class. I immediately became hooked on her classes, attending regularly for many months; my practice really started to transform soon after meeting her. Lainie’s teaching style is unique because it has the movement of a vinyasa flow class, without losing focus on the importance of alignment. She is conscious to honor your body as it is, and makes you feel comfortable to do the same.

    In every class with Lainie you feel the beauty in your body as you move throughout asanas. Leaving a class I always feel refreshed (physically and spiritually), strong, and inspired. She is playful and fun, always smiling…which is infectious. Her demeanor is graceful and invigorating at the same time. It really is a gift to take Lainie’s classes. The most important thing I’ve gained from her in my practice is a sense of grace and awareness.

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