“Thank God We’re Not Perfect!”

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Yoga Teacher Kathryn Budig talks about arm balances, inversions, face-planting and teaching from a “place of knowing”.

Turning the world upside down
Arm balancing and inversion work is extremely fun. It’s beautiful, it’s inspiring. And people who are newer to Yoga get very excited by it. So it’s definitely a great hook to get people in, but i think ultimately at the end of the day once you have realized that the physical postures are simply there to tell you a story and be your guide that these postures from my experience are the strongest ones at helping people to overcome their fears.

It’s not about being perfect all the time
It is completely ok to fall down! I’ve had endless face-plants in my experience on the Yoga mat, and I always joke around with my students that you know ‘thank god we’re not perfect because that would be so boring!’. You learn often much more from the mistakes you make and the blunders and the blooper reel than you do from just do from being really good at something all the time.

Teaching from a place of Knowing
Even in my teaching i am very very grateful that everything was hard for me. because it allows me to speak from a place of knowing. I remember what it’s like to have these postures to be really hard. I remember what it feels like to fall all the time. And I remember what it feels like to think I’m never ever going to be able to do this. So I think that allows me to speak in an accessible way with my students and help them to get over that emotional speed bump that tends to comes up when you’re dealing with postures like this.

The real meaning of Balance
It happens to everybody and I think it’s important that everyone knows that. We all reach a plateau at some point where we feel like we’re stuck forever. You keep on trucking, and you keep on going through that journey. And then it’ll go back up when you least expect it. It’s Yoga, it’s balance, it’s what we preach. It’s finding the balance. The union of strength and surrender. Ambition and quietness. Succeeding and falling down. That’s what makes us strong practitioners and strong people.

"Thank God We're Not Perfect!", 4.0 out of 5 based on 5 ratings
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