Kaitlyn McConnell

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Kaitlyn McConnellYoga and Kaitlyn found each other when Kaitlyn was still in high school, through a Summer professional actors program in Kirkland, Washington. Immediately, she was challenged and intrigued. It seemed to her that this was more than simply exercises to keep the body fit, yoga helped her mind focus and provided a deep connection between mind, body and spirit that she had been searching for.

As she moved away from home to college where she studied women’s studies, dance, and acting, yoga was her rock. Practicing alone in her dorm room and later finding the wonderful teachers at “The Yoga Room” in Bellingham, Washington she had embarked on a journey that still continues to provide tools for how to live a better life.

Kaitlyn moved to Los Angeles in 2005 where she was introduced to Yoga Works and enrolled in her first teacher training (200 hours) under the guidance of James Brown and Julie Kleinman along with the their wonderful assistants Amy Lafond and Kim Haegele- Libidi. It was here she realized that teaching was her passion, having experienced the transformative powers of yoga firsthand through her own practice she wanted to share that practice with others. In 2008 she enrolled in an additional 300 hour teacher training program, also through Yoga Works. Through this program she was lucky enough to assist Carmen Fitzgibbon and train closely under Lisa Walford, Annie Carpenter, Jeane Heileman, John Gaydos, Paul Cabbanis, Jasmine Lieb and many others. Along with completing 500 hours of formal training Kaitlyn has also attended many workshops by teachers such as Judith Hanson Lasater, Sarah Bell, Hala Khouri, Suzanne Sterling and Sean Corne. Kaitlyn was also fortunate enough to assist and study under Sara Ivanhoe (of Yoga for Dummies).

Kaitlyn currently practices Ashtanga under the guidance of Sonya Cottle.

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