Goodbye New Zealand

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Kaitlyn McConnellAs we prepare to say to goodbye to New Zealand and move forward to our next big adventure (which will be revealed in the next article) I can’t help but think of the impression that this lovely country has made on my soul.  Practicing outside, in nature, away from access to yoga studios and other practitioners I was able to find a practice that was completely my own.   I never would have been able to find this practice if it had not been for the teachers I’ve had in the past and have met along the way. 

Throughout this journey I’ve felt my practice become more than a way to stay active and flexible. I’ve been able to feel connected and aware in new and amazing ways and my practice has simply become a part of who I am, just like breathing or walking.   I’ve felt the goals that I thought were so important before beginning my travels to loosen their grasp, and give way to new ideas that I never dreamed.  I would not be the person, student, or teacher I am today without this journey. 

Thank you New Zealand, I will carry you with me always.

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