Elinore Cohen

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ElinoreElinore has over twenty years of movement and dance experience in the styles of ballet, lyrical, modern, and jazz in her repertoire. Her professional ballet career spanned several regional and state ballet companies, including the Joffrey ballet. Elinore seemed to have a fulfilling ballet career until several injuries and health issues led her to rehabilitate her body and mind. So when she was seventeen she went off to college and pursued a degree in teacher education, and went on to get her Masters in Human Development, which led to teaching pre-k and kindergarten. With a love of education and yoga, Elinore pursued her passion for both and went on to complete her 200 hour and additional 300 hour teacher trainings at Yoga Works in Santa Monica. In addition she completed her Yoga Ed. teacher training.

Elinore sees the journey within as the breath creating a vehicle for the body, and the body creating a vehicle for the mind to still itself, and transform itself. It is from the yoga practice, that the individual learns “practice”, is the best of all instructions. Her classes blend Iyengar fundamentals and restorative postures with the aids of props, along side a strong Ashtanga influence of flow and feel for a synergistic, yet mindful vinyasa flow. Elinore’s teaching style fuses a beautifully calming voice, with an equally engaging and supportive voice, for a distinctly creative, energetic, playful style, encouraging a courageous learning environment where fear dissipates, and hope evolves into taking risks, meeting challenges that move students into their next zones of proximal development within their yoga practice internally and externally. Elinore is highly skilled at teaching the individual learner, seeing their needs and meeting them to build a strong student-teacher relationship built on trust, love, and respect, leading to feeling comfortable in one’s own skin, and a contentment and acceptance with what is, and what may be in one’s yoga practice and life. Elinore’s classes combine a love of movement, cultivating the idea of feeling the movements and internalizing yoga philosophy, attention to the breath and linking movements with breath, proper alignment, and specific attention to gross and subtle aspects of alignment, supported by traditional and creative hands-on adjustments, and particular attention to modifications and variations of poses securing a safe and open environment. And ultimately, the joy of assimilating and accommodating great gems of knowledge and wisdom deeply internalizing the feelings and senses of those movements and great mindfulness in the conscious unity of yoga? Seeking the calmness within each of us.

For more information about Elinore, please visit her website at www.elinorecohen.com.

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