This site is dedicated to Maty Ezraty.

I began practicing Ashtanga Yoga with Maty Ezraty in October 1996 at the Yoga Works studio that Maty and Chuck Miller founded. I attended Maty’s afternoon Mysore class until she and Chuck left Yoga Works in May 2005.

Maty EzratyDuring those eight years, a whole new way of life unfolded for me. Maty, and all the students that practiced there, taught me about so much more than yoga postures.

She taught us in words and by example that yoga is not about how well you can perform the postures, or how many Ashtanga series you have learned.

My teacher’s teacher, Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, said that through the practice yoga, “Wherever you look you will see God”. I owe Maty Ezraty a huge debt of gratitude for the many gifts and lofty goals that she left us with.

Namaste ~ Charles James