Creating the Routine

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For the last few days we’ve been out in the beautiful country side of Paparoa, the north part of the north island in New Zealand.  Everywhere you look are green fields, sheep, cows, amazing foliage that is a blend of tropical and temperate- palm trees and evergreens growing side by side.  We’ve been fortunate enough to stay with some friends of friends at their country home.  This amazing family lives totally off the grid, solar power, huge vegetable garden, grey water systems, compost- they waste nothing and were more generous than we ever could have imagined.  We worked in their garden and helped out around the house during the day and in the evening shared yummy meals and stimulating conversation.

Kaitlyn McConnellIn the mix of all of this, I have been doing as much practicing as I can.  However, the household we were in provided zero private time to practice and I’ve been working on being comfortable practicing when other people are around.  I’d become so used to practicing either in complete solitude or within the confines of a yoga studio back home that the idea of practicing out in the open still seems a bit scary and uncomfortable to me but I know that currently it is the only way to keep my practice going.  In the process, I’ve begun to discover new things about my practice and how it helps me ‘plug in’ to the universe and be more connected to the world around me.  It is not the quiet constant practice I am used to but life on the road isn’t what I am used to either so I am experimenting with ways to find the comfort of my practice out in the world. 

The most useful tool I’ve found to keep my practice going is to develop some sort of daily routine.  Practicing in the morning has been the most helpful, waking up, showering (if there is a shower available) and the going straight into practice seems to be the only guarantee that I’ll get to it.  Creating this routine or ritual helps keep the days open for travel and exploring and once I’ve practiced in the morning I feel more open to whatever the day may bring.

*The photo is me practicing on the farm with their 3 year old daughter :)

Creating the Routine, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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