Changing the Focus

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Kaitlyn McConnellFor most of my practice throughout my life I have placed more attention on my asana practice than anything else.  There is something about leaving my comfort zone and embarking on this journey that has given me the freedom to really explore  perhaps what I’ve been leaving out in regards to the eight limbs of yoga.  Through this, I’ve begun to discover a deeper connection to meditation.  I have always liked the idea of meditation but have never been able to fully commit to it.  This time away from home and practicing outside a studio setting on my own has shifted that perspective a bit and I find myself sitting longer and longer and really enjoying it.

I don’t believe I will ever give up my asana practice, I love the way it makes me feel both inside and out and besides, its really fun! However I do think that there is room for me to hold meditation and asana as equals in my practice.   They compliment each other so well and now that I have begun this path of meditation it is hard for me to imagine how I saw them so separately.

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  1. Nancy D says:

    It’s truly a lifelong “practice” isn’t it. The asana makes it possible to comfortably sit in meditation posture for longer.

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