Digital Download: Ashtanga Yoga Second Series with MARIA VILLELLA

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function EJEJC_lc(th) { return false; }; Digital Download: ASHTANGA YOGA SECOND SERIES WITH MARIA VILLELLA Cost: $16.95 *You are purchasing a digital video, that will download to your computer. This is not a physical DVD. Approximate running time: 100 minutes Format: iTunes compatible .m4v file for iPad, iPhone. Resolution: HD 1280 pixels X 720 pixels [...]

Digital Download: Learning the Ashtanga Yoga Primary Series with MARIA VILLELLA


LEARNING THE ASHTANGA YOGA PRIMARY SERIES WITH MARIA VILLELLA We are very excited to announce this NEW 4-Hour Six-Chapter Instructional video guide to the Ashtanga Yoga Primary Series with Maria Villella! Released as Digital Video Downloads in HD 720. Description: Maria breaks down the Ashtanga Primary Series pose-by-pose with an emphasis on developing a safe [...]

Maria Villella on the Importance of the Breath

Ashtanga Yoga teacher Maria Villella talks about the importance of the breath and correct breathing in the practice of Ashtanga Yoga.

Maria Villella on Adjustments, Ego and Injury

Ashtanga Yoga teacher Maria Villella talks about her approach to physical adjustments in postures, keeping the ego in check while practicing, and how she modified her own personal Ashtanga Yoga practice when she was injured.

Maria Villella on Visiting an Ashram in India

Maria Villella

Maria Villella talks about a visit to an ashram in India where she witnesses a powerful healing experience.

Digital Download: Ashtanga Yoga Primary Series with MARIA VILLELLA

Ashtanga Yoga with MARIA VILLELLA 600x600C

Ashtanga Yoga teacher Maria Villella demonstrates the entire Ashtanga Yoga Primary Series with strength, grace and control. As you watch, and listen, to the video you will hear the vinyasas for each posture counted, the names of the postures as well as the opening and closing prayers all spoken in Sanskrit.

“What is Yoga going to do for me?”


Certified YogaWorks Teacher Sonya Cottle on the benefits and side effects of a consistent Yoga practice. What is Yoga going to do for me? For those who are wondering “What is yoga going to do for me, what am I really going to get out of this practice that I keep seeing around me?”. I [...]

Maria Villella on The Practice of Ashtanga Yoga

Maria Villella

Ashtanga Yoga teacher Maria Villella talks about her first Yoga class, developing a consistent practice and why you should think about how you’ll feel AFTER you practice. Maria on her first Yoga class. My first yoga class was an Ashtanga class. I went into a studio and I asked the women who was there, I [...]

“Thank God We’re Not Perfect!”


Yoga Teacher Kathryn Budig talks about arm balances, inversions, face-planting and teaching from a “place of knowing”. Turning the world upside down Arm balancing and inversion work is extremely fun. It’s beautiful, it’s inspiring. And people who are newer to Yoga get very excited by it. So it’s definitely a great hook to get people [...]

Yoga: A Prenatal Practice with Diane Hudock

Diane Hudock

Ahmanda Yoga Flow founder Diane Hudock on how she prepared for her first pregnancy with Yoga. February 21, 2010 I’m about to have a baby! I am! In about a week! I just had my first contractions last night, and they lasted about an hour! I really thought that I was in active labor but, [...]