Saying Goodbye for Now

Kaitlyn McConnell

I’ve been in Seattle about 2 weeks now, and slowly things are starting to fall into place.  I’ve been lucky enough to teach some classes and take some classes with great teachers and I am beginning to be able to imagine what our lives might be like here once we get settled in.  I’ve been [...]

Landing in Seattle


No place is ever exactly the same as you left it.  I often think of time as a river, it keeps flowing no matter how many times you look at it and you will never be seeing the same body of water twice.  I haven’t lived in Seattle in nearly ten years.  Many things are [...]

The Importance of Transitions

Kaitlyn McConnell

Every day we face transitions.  Waking up in the morning, getting ready for work, even down to the smallest details of breathing in and out.  Most of the time we go through life without noticing these transitions but sometimes it is within these transitions that there is room to change and grow. Being in New [...]

Back to the United States

Kaitlyn McConnell, New York City

After almost nearly six months, I am back in the United States of America.  The first few days were pretty jarring, flying into New York and all of a sudden being faced with the sights and sounds and smells of being back in a familiar spot.  In many ways it would be easier to just [...]

When Sitting is Enough

Kaitlyn McConnell

Well, it was bound to happen I guess. After six months of living on the road, jumping from Summer to Winter to somewhere in between, I eventually gave myself a cold. Generally speaking, if I have a little cold I will still practice, it can help clear congestion and give me a bit of energy, [...]

Little Reminders Everywhere

Kaitlyn McConnell

We’ve had a busy week, landed in Amsterdam, caught up with old friends and explored the city, flew to Copenhagen for 3 days, flew to Berlin- in all the traveling and mayhem I’ve been trying really hard to keep a full length, daily practice going and a few days ago I got to a point [...]

Back Into Winter

Kaitlyn McConnell

When we left Los Angeles it was just beginning to cool down and move towards Winter. From Fiji to New Zealand and through Bali we were in warm weather and the heat of Summer the entire time. Landing in Amsterdam was the first cool weather we had felt in months and I love it. I [...]

Ashtanga in Bali

Kaitlyn McConnell in Bali

Greetings from beautiful Bali! We arrived a few days ago and have already fallen in love. The smell of incense wafting through the air from all the offerings is intoxicating. There are images of Buddha and Ganesha on every corner, making the whole island feel like one big temple. Balinese monkeys jump through the trees [...]

Goodbye New Zealand

Kaitlyn McConnell

As we prepare to say to goodbye to New Zealand and move forward to our next big adventure (which will be revealed in the next article) I can’t help but think of the impression that this lovely country has made on my soul.  Practicing outside, in nature, away from access to yoga studios and other [...]

Challenging the Mind

Kaitlyn McConnell swims with great white sharks

Last week I did something I never thought I would ever have the guts to do… ever.  I went scuba diving (in a cage) with great white sharks.  What could this possibly have to do with yoga you may ask?  Sometimes in life, or on the mat, I think it is important to put ourselves [...]

Changing the Focus

Kaitlyn McConnell

For most of my practice throughout my life I have placed more attention on my asana practice than anything else.  There is something about leaving my comfort zone and embarking on this journey that has given me the freedom to really explore  perhaps what I’ve been leaving out in regards to the eight limbs of [...]

When Conditions Get Harsh

Kaitlyn McConnell

We are currently making our way down the west coast of the south island, the scenery and weather are both harsh and unforgiving. Through the flooding and road closures it has been hard to practice every day but I am doing what I can and working on just letting it go when I can’t find [...]

Losing Track of Time


There have been a few instances in the entire history of my practice when I have become completely enveloped by the practice itself- my body and breath moving in sync and my mind focused and aware.  In these few practices I have completely lost track of time, I could have been practicing for 5 minutes [...]

The Solitude of the South Island


After nearly a week on the south island of New Zealand I am getting used to practicing on my own again.  In fact, I am loving it, funny how a few days of adjustment to a new environment can change everything, how quickly we adapt! The south island of New Zealand must be one of [...]

Yoga Doesn’t Happen in a Vacuum

Kaitlyn McConnell

As my husband and I leave our Wellington flat behind and pack up the car again for more adventures on the road I keep coming  back to this very simple idea: Yoga does not happen in a vacuum.  Practicing on my own has been really great but I miss the community that yoga can bring, [...]

Working with an Injury

Kaitlyn McConnell

An instructor of mine once told me that injuries can be your best teachers. I try to remember this each time I come into any sort of injury or illness that keeps me from my usual practice. This past week has been just such a week, somehow I can’t put any weight on my left [...]

Holidays Away From Home

Kaitlyn McConnell

I am big on family.  My family and I very close and I’ve probably only been away for Christmas two times out of thirty years of life.  Needless to say I miss them terribly and would love nothing more than to fly home and give them all huge hugs, even just for a minute.  But [...]

Quieting Down

Kaitlyn McConnell

It has been a windy week in Wellington.  The sun has peaked out occasionally but a great deal of drizzle.  I happen to love weather like this, after five years of sunshine in Los Angeles I am reveling in big comfy coffee shop chairs and sipping in the goodness. I just finished reading “After the Ecstacy, [...]

A Nation of Yogis


A Nation of Yogis by Sarah Ezrin We are incredibly blessed here in Santa Monica, CA. While most of the United States is donning snow boots and parkas, we are wearing flip-flops and jean shorts. Whereas most people have to take an entire day or even weekend out of going to the beach, it is [...]

Searching for Sangha

Kaitlyn McConnell

The practice of yoga does not happen in a vacuum.  I’ve been practicing on my own for the last month or so since we’ve been on the road and I was starting to feel a bit, well, lonely.  Being in a new town every day doesn’t really offer any chance to connect to the people [...]

A Place to Call Home

Kaitlyn McConnell

After a little over a month of traveling, we’ve decided to stay in the city of Wellington, at least until the middle of January.  This means I will have a reliable place to roll out my mat every day, regardless of the weather or our plans.  We will head back onto the road eventually but [...]

Practice, Rain or Shine

Kaitlyn McConnell

In the past week we’ve traveled from the northland (north of Auckland), through Raglan, a peaceful surfing town that I easily could have spent more time in and to the Southwest part of the north island, Hawke’s Bay.  We’ve been living almost one hundred percent out of our campervan, with the occasional coffee with new [...]

Creating the Routine

Kaitlyn McConnell

For the last few days we’ve been out in the beautiful country side of Paparoa, the north part of the north island in New Zealand.  Everywhere you look are green fields, sheep, cows, amazing foliage that is a blend of tropical and temperate- palm trees and evergreens growing side by side.  We’ve been fortunate enough [...]

Yoga in Auckland

Kaitlyn McConnell

After arriving in Auckland on Sunday night and wandering around like a lost little puppy for our first day or so I finally managed to find a Mysore class at the Yoga Academy, right in the heart of downtown.  I arrived about an hour early and met with the instructor, Martina.  We sat in the [...]

Practicing in Fiji

Kaitlyn McConnell

Sometimes it is what happens off the mat that makes you realize what yoga really is all about.  My husband and I are currently in Fiji for a week, snorkeling, scuba diving and exploring.  Practice has been with a view of the ocean, palm trees and a light tropical breeze that comes right into the [...]

Learning to Practice Alone

Kaitlyn McConnell

There is something so soothing and calming about practicing in a big, empty house with no one else around.  Somehow I feel like I have permission to mess up or laugh or just take things a bit easier.  My practice, while still challenging and profound has begun to take on a new shape, a more [...]

Heading Out


After a lovely week driving up the west coast and visiting Eugene, Portland and Ashland, Oregon on the way to a long weekend in Seattle I have been back in Los Angeles for the last week or so. It has been great to see familiar faces and be back in a place I’ve lived so long but it no longer feels like home. Our transition from life in Los Angeles to life on the road has officially begun.

Traveling Yogi: Kaitlyn McConnell

Kaitlyn McConnell

Over the course of the next year I will be practicing yoga and teaching throughout the Pacific Northwest, Fiji, New Zealand and beyond. As the journey begins and I step away from what I have become accustomed to my practice is the only part of my life that will remain constant.

Joan Hyman: Traveling in India

Mark Bennington Photography

Photo by Mark Bennington Photography Venturing out into unknown territory can throw up several roadblocks when we are unsure where to find the information we need and are far away from the comforts of home. Whether one is a seasoned traveler or a first-timer, sorting out the many details can be a daunting task. My [...]

India Comes to Encinitas

Sarah Ezrin and Sharath Rangaswamy

I awoke at 3:29am exactly, just moments before my alarm; like a child on Christmas morning. I hardly slept through the night. I was so excited for what lay ahead of me at dawn. I was heading down to Encinitas, California to take a class from Sharath Rangaswamy, the grandson of Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, founder of Ashtanga Yoga.