Ashtanga in Bali

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Kaitlyn McConnell in BaliGreetings from beautiful Bali! We arrived a few days ago and have already fallen in love. The smell of incense wafting through the air from all the offerings is intoxicating. There are images of Buddha and Ganesha on every corner, making the whole island feel like one big temple. Balinese monkeys jump through the trees (and steal the occasional pair of sunglasses off the top of someone’s head). Everything here is just wonderful.

When I arrived I immediately scheduled a mysore class with Radha and Prem at Ashtanga World in Ubud and as a result ran into a friend and fellow teacher who was here on retreat. We’ve been having a great time seeing the sights, watching cultural performances and getting in some yoga with amazing teachers.

My time in New Zealand had changed my practice a great deal. I rarely had a full 90 minutes to take my time and get in a full session and even more rarely had access to a teacher to work with. Practicing in Bali has been like coming home. Each morning I’ve either gone to class or practiced in the gardens and my practice is gradually returning back to where it was before. My body is beginning to remember how to move and flow through the series and practice has again become a time of moving meditation.

Sadly, we are only staying in Bali for a week before moving on to visit friends in Europe but with this time to devote to my practice I feel renewed and more motivated than ever.

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